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Camas, Washington has  bad wrap. Most people know it for the smell caused by the paper mill in the middle of town.  But I think that is unfair.  Have you been to Camas?  It is really cute!  There is an adorable downtown, lined with big trees, lots of cute shops, cafes, plenty of parking and a fantastic movie theater!  It’s called the Liberty Theatre.  This is an old movie palace that first opened in the 1920’s, but has since been renovated, keeping the original charm, but with modern equipment and seats.  It shows first run-movies along with some art house/specialty shows.  We drove up this weekend to see the Oscar Nominated Animated Shorts.  (My favorite was the Room On the Broom.)  We are currently working on seeing all the best picture nominees.  I’ve seen 5 of the 9.  So far my favorite is Nebraska, but I’m really looking forward to Dallas Buyers Club and Wolf of Wall Street.
But back to the movie theater…

liberty theatre 5

liberty theatre 2

From our house in NE Portland, it only takes about 15 minutes to drive to Camas.  It’s a quick drive and a fun weekend destination.  Plus, it’s cheap!! Movies are only $4!  We bought two tickets, candy, popcorn and a soda for the grand total of $16!!!   At a Regal Cinema it would have been more than $20 just for the tickets.  Plus, it was a lovely drive.   The Liberty has two theaters, one big one with a balcony that seats 350 people and a second smaller one called the “Granada” that only seats 26.  We saw the Oscar shorts in the Granada.

liberty theatre 3

liberty theatre 4

So next time you’re looking for a nice weekend afternoon, consider driving up to Camas for  movie.  It’s a great little spot to spend a couple hours, plus the paper factory shuts down over the weekend so it smells just fine.

315 NE 4TH AVE


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  1. Dave Santos // February 25, 2015 at 9:56 pm //

    Please try K&M Drive-In located on the East side of Camas. Check out their Facebook site.
    You will enjoy it.

  2. Dave, Thanks for the suggestion the Drive-in looks great. Exactly my type of place. I’ll put it on my “list” to go check out. Much better choice than Burgerville which is where I ate on my last visit to Camas. Thanks for reading!

  3. Try out Top Burger too! Has been a camas icon forever!

  4. Nice write up. FYI – there hasn’t been a “smell” in Camas for about a decade. The old paper mill installed highly effective state-of-the-art environmental award-winning smokestacks several years ago. Camas does have a great little downtown, movie theater, nice cafes, lovely river and lake trails and a historic hotel and yes, fresh air from the Gorge. Well worth a visit.

  5. Oh no! Really? Sorry to get that wrong. I’ll go change my copy. Thanks!

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