Crazy & Sad Week

It has been a crazy 7 days.  At this time last week, I was getting ready for a totally random assignment at work, where I helped shoot a scene for the TV show “How I Met Your Mother” with singer KD Lang.  Evidently she lives in Portland, they contacted our TV station and boom we’re shooting a scene for the show.  It was really cool to work with the producers and be a part of it, but the whole thing was kind of a lot of stress.  And since we had to use Facetime with the producers the entire time, I didn’t even get a photo. Fail!

The next day I found out my grandmother passed away.  She was a great lady who made it to 94 years.  She loved gardening, Lawrence Welk, parades, the color pink and especially coffee.  She had 6 sons and lots of grandkids and great grandkids… so it’s a big family.  We had a family service this week, then all went out to Shari’s (her favorite) for pie and coffee.

I’ll miss you Grandma!

Luckily, I’m headed south to recharge in a little sunshine this weekend, then I’ll be back with some cool stuff next week.

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