Tasty N’ Sons

I have been obsessed with the tapas restaurant Toro Bravo for a while now, so when I heard that the owners had opened a new breakfast place, I HAD to go.  So last week, off we went to Tasty N’ Sons.  It’s in one of my favorite parts of town, the stretch on N. Williams between Beech & Shaver along with Pix Patisserie, Ristretto Roasters, and 5th Quadrant.

First let me say, I loved it and would go again for sure, but half of the people I was with did not seem to agree.  Here is what we ordered:  Chocolate Potato Donut, Sweet Biscuits with Raspberries, Potatos Bravas, Cast Iron Frittata with peas, green beans onions and feta.

The donut was hands down the best part of the meal.  I almost ordered a second one.  Same with the sweet biscuits.  The only thing I was less than impressed with was the frittata, it just didn’t really come together as well as I was expecting. I’m not sure exactly why my friends did not care for it, but I think it was the use of over easy eggs on two of the dishes.

One last thing- just like at Toro Bravo, the intention here is to share with your dining companions, something I really enjoy, but others might not.  The prices were resonable, for all the food, 3 coffees and a cocktail total bill $44.
It’s not quite as great as the dinner place, but still very good and worth trying.





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